TechStylers … January 2022

TechStylers Line-up January 2022

A whole new year!

The TechStylers January 2022 inspirational session took place on 29th January.  Our hosts for the session were the TechStylers founders Olajumoke ‘MJ’ Toriola and Foyin Olajide Bello.  MJ started by welcoming members old and new and sharing the agenda for the session as follows.

  • Welcome Note
  • 1st Guest Speaker (Nihinlola Adeyemi)
  • 2nd Guest Speaker (Heidi Neuhauser)
  • Q&A
  • Intro to Tech Deep Dive & Registration
  • Closing Remarks

About us ...

MJ then went on to give a brief introduction to TechStylers and what we are all about.  Founded in May 2020, TechStylers is a community comprised largely of women, focussed on supporting women in technology.  We do this by providing inspiration, support and mentoring.  This can be career coaching on a 1:1 basis, or in a group as part of the Tech Deep Dives that we would discuss later.

We like to think we are heroes with a very special super power.  And that is the ability to use our technology skills to solve real-world problems!

A slide on trying, failing and succeeding

Our first speaker

MJ then introduced our first speaker for the evening, Nihinlola ‘Lola’ Adeyemi.  The title of Lola’s session was really inspirational, ‘Yes, I can! If I can think it! I can do it!’.  

As soon as Lola began her session, I realised that we had very similar experiences, particularly around stereotyping and sacrifice.  This has shaped us into strong women with a similar attitude to overcoming challenges. During her session, Lola shared some fascinating information and some very valuable lessons with us;

  • Discover yourself early
  • Follow your passion
  • Belief in your self
  • Never give up on yourself
Image of the Microsoft Power Platform components

Our second speaker

Our next speaker was someone who I very much admire in the Dynamics Community, Heidi Neuhauser.  Heidi is an MVP and very active in the community, being Chair of the Philadelphia D365 and Power Platform User Group .  And she was one of a group of experts who kindly ran a series of mentoring sessions on becoming a Solutions Architect.  These sessions had been instrumental in my gaining the MB-600 and PL-600 Solution Architect certifications!

Heidi’s session focussed on how the Power Platform can be used to address gaps in processes.  She went on to describe each of the parts of the Power Platform in detail for those unfamiliar with it.

Keeping in touch

Anyone who’d like to take part is really welcome to join us.  We run the TechStylers Deep Dive mentoring on Saturdays.  And once a month we have an Inspirational Session, like this one.

We are also very active on the Socials and can be contacted using the links below.  Give us a follow and don’t forget to like and subscribe!