D365 Customer Engagement

D365 Customer Engagement is a suite of applications that help enterprise organisations manage their customer relationships.  It is comprised of a set of ‘model driven applications’, i.e. those with a clear business process.  These applications provide workflow capabilities around specific business areas.  These include;

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, D365 CE applications are used to provide customer facing services.  As well as each of the applications focussed around particular functional areas, there are supporting applications within CE.  These supporting applications provide additional shared features around elements such as feedback, insights and analytics.

Each of the CE applications interface directly into the Microsoft Dataverse.  Therefore, they are tightly integrated to provide a single view of the customer.  And this in turn provides a holistic customer experience.

D365 Marketing Screen


D365 Marketing empowers organisations to manage every aspect of marketing activities.  This extends from customer segments and journeys to email marketing and lead management.  And it includes out of the box scoring, matching and LinkedIn Lead Gen connectors.  In addition, it provides features for event management, analytics and data management best practice including GDPR. 

If you are new to D365 Marketing, the Microsoft Learn website is a great resource.


D265 Sales is an adaptive Sales solution.  It uses AI and machine learning to understand the dynamics behind customer relationships.  And this allows teams to work faster and smarter. 

D365 Sales features everything you’d expect from an enterprise Sales solution and encompasses the full sales lifecycle. It enables sales teams to easily manage leads and qualification, opportunity management,  and sales order processing. 

By activating digital selling organisations can increase revenue and productivity while reducing cost.  So, if you’d like to find out more about D365 Sales, the Microsoft Learn website is a great resource. 

Image of D365 Sales screen
Image of Customer Service screen

Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a customer relationship management application.  It provides features that help agents to work on and manage caseloads.  Clear and structured process flows provide guidance to ensure consistent service delivery.  And built in AI and automation capabilities ensure that agents are able to process requests efficiently.

Delivery can be monitored and controlled using SLA’s and entitlements.  And the base model can be extended to deliver rich insights and analytics.  Additionally, all of these features are available across multiple platforms, e.g. phone, tablet, or P.C.  If you’d like to know more about D365 Customer Service, the Microsoft Learn website is a great resource.

Field Service

D365 Field Service provides a mobile workforce management  solution that can be used across multiple industries.  These may include Manufacturing, Healthcare, Utilities and Equipment Maintenance.

The D365 Field Service solution enables organisations to easily manage the full lifecycle of field services.  It is designed for use by  a wide range of roles including dispatchers and field service agents.  And it includes features for communications, scheduling, intelligent routing and resource skill matching for managing processes such as work orders and inspections.

If you’d like to learn more about D365 Field Service, the Microsoft Learn website is a great resource.

Image of D365 field service