A Helping Hand

We all need a helping hand sometimes.  Listed on this page are a few resources I have found and used in my own journey.  I hope they will help you, if you are thinking of setting out on your own D365, Power Platform or technology journey.


Early in 2020, I was lucky to be able to take part in Mark Smiths 90 Day Mentoring Challenge.  As I was so impressed, I have written a blog post about the awesome experience.  

Mark runs the 90 Day Mentoring Challenge every year.  And you can find the registration form for each years intake on Mark’s website at http://www.nz365guy.com.  

I can 100% recommend taking part in the Challenge.  It will teach you how to perfect your consultancy skills, among many other things!

Mentoring opportunities are also available as part of the 365 Ambassador program.  And you can find further details and also register on their website

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Technical Mentoring

There is a vast amount of technical information available on the internet.  Because it’s free and easily accessible, it is often my ‘go to’ place for learning new subjects, or upskilling.  However, sometimes it’s helpful to have someone guide your learning.

TechStylers is a Women in Tech group that provides technical mentoring.  Tech Deep Dive sessions are held on a regular basis.  These are focussed on the Microsoft stack.  They include lessons on the Power Platform, and often extend to other areas.  

You can find more information about TechStylers in my blog, or on their social media channels.

STEM Ambassador

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.  It is widely acknowledged that there is a STEM skills shortage.  In light of this, it’s clear that we need to do so much more to encourage and empower the next generation.  

The STEM Ambassador programme aims to do this by providing knowledgeable and enthusiastic role-models.

If you’d like more information on the STEM Ambassador programme, they have a great website. And you could even sign up to become a STEM Ambassador yourself!

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1:1 Sessions

There is a huge amount of information available on D365 and the Power Platform online.  However,  sometimes it can be difficult knowing where to start. 

I know this from experience.  And having career switched relatively recently, I can offer advice and guidance. I can also help you find resources if it’s not immediately clear to you where to look.

To that end, I’m happy to organise a short session on a 1:1 basis.  And if you are interested in this, please get in touch using the Contact form.