There are a variety of D365 & Power Platform events throughout the year.  Some of these are hosted by Microsoft and some by the D365 and Power Platform community. Events hosted by Microsoft include Inspire, Ignite and Build, details of those can be found on the Microsoft website.  Some of the community events are described here.

D365 & Power Platform User Groups

Dynamics 365 and Power Platform User groups are often the starting point for anyone wanting to get more involved in the community.  They’re a great place to meet like minded people and are as much about the social side as the technology.

User groups are organised on a local and national basis in the UK, more information about the D365UGs can be found here and details of some of the Power Platform UGs are here.

Another great source of information for the Power Platform community is the #PowerAddicts site here.

Scottish Summit

I first attended the Scottish Summit in 2019 and was blown away by the sheer volume of knowledge sharing and by how friendly everyone was!  As soon as applications opened for Volunteers for the 2020 summit my name was down, and yet again I had the best time!

The Scottish Summit 2021 is going to be run as a virtual event, and I will be volunteering again, helping to run the D365 CE Track so I absolutely cannot wait!

I’d definitely recommend checking it out, and getting your name down as it is THE event of the year for many D365 and Power Platform people.  Details can be found on the Scottish Summit website here.

Online Events

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, there has been a huge increase in the number of events that are available online.

While we miss the opportunities to catch up at the in-person events, the virtual world has opened up opportunities for us to meet and collaborate with people we might never have been able to meet in-person.

The Virtual Events Hub is a great way to keep up with everything that is going on, and it’s available to everyone.  It can be found here.