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I’d like to tell you a little about me and my journey to D365 and Power Platform.  And more importantly, how I can provide guidance to those on a similar path. So, if that is you, please read on!

I’ve been working in the tech industry for around 25 years.  And for the past 15 years I have specialised in business applications.  Although I started out on a helpdesk, I have had various tech jobs.  At different times, I’ve worked in support, networking and development.  Finally, I settled on IT Service Management, and became an ITSM consultant.

Just over 3 years ago, I reached a crossroads in my career.  I had been focussing on ITSM for some time, but the work seemed to be drying up. And having a family to provide for, this was a big problem!

Having been introduced to Dynamics 365 as an ‘end user’ I was blown away by the potential of the platform.  Because of that, I thought it might be a great career choice.  But my dilemma was that if I switched technologies, I would be moving away from being an ‘expert’.  I would become a complete ‘novice’ and that was daunting!

Nevertheless, I decided to take a massive leap of faith.  I threw myself wholeheartedly into Dynamics and Power Platform.  And I can honestly say I have not looked back! 

I’ve created this site to help anyone new to the platform navigate the awesome technology.  Much of my own journey is documented as blog posts in the ‘blog‘ section.  I update the blog regularly as my career change is very much a ‘work in progress’.  One thing I have realised, is that we never stop learning.

So, if you are on a similar journey and I can help, please reach out.  And hopefully we will both learn a few things along the way!



To wholeheartedly do whatever I can to help make the world a better place.


Equality of opportunity for all