D365 & Power Platform
User Groups

D365 User Groups are a great way to meet other people in the Dynamics and Power Platform Community.  Some of the User Groups (UGs) that happen in the UK are described on this page, but UGs happen all over the world!  

While User Groups are normally in person events, many are currently being held virtually.  Full details of virtual events are provided on the website above.

D365UG Birmingham

The Birmingham UG is typically held in the evening, once a quarter, at the Wesleyan building next to Snow Hill station in Birmingham.  In person meetings start at 6.30 and include a buffet and networking opportunity, along with 3 presentations from community members.

The organisers are; Imtiaz Hussain, Neil Parkhurst and Craig Seymour.

The Wesleyan is easy to get to, with several car parks in the near vicinity, and everyone who attends is welcome to go to the pub with the guys after the meeting.

Further details can be found on the D365 UG website here.

D365UG Bristol

The Bristol UG is quite a new group.  In person meetings are held in the evening, once a quarter, in locations in Bristol that have included The Watershed and the Origin Workspace.  The meetings typically include 3 presentations by community members and a buffet with networking opportunity.

The organisers of the Bristol UG are;  Lucy Bourne and Dan Barber.

Bristol is easily accessible by car and train and there is plenty of parking in the city.

Further details can be found on the D365 UG website here.

D365UG London/Reading

The London/Reading UG is the main UK user group for Dynamics and the Power Platform.  In person full day meetings are scheduled several times a year and take place either in London or Reading.

The organisers are;  Andrew Bibby. Sarah Critchley, Scott Durow, Feridun Kadir, Simon Whitson, Emma Green, Matt Beard and Tricia Sinclair.

Venues for the London/Reading in person UGs are announced well before each event, and are normally easily accessible by car/train.  Previous UGs have been held in places like the Microsoft UK HQ at Thames Valley Park and the London Business School (shown here).

Further details can be found on the D365 UG website here.