TechStylers … August 2021

Image of Speakers at TechStylers August 2021 Inspirational session

Welcome ...

The TechStylers August 2021 Inspirational Session took place on Saturday 28th August.  It was hosted by TechStylers amazing co-ordinator Olayinka ‘Yinka’ Oke.  This session was focussed on how to develop a career in Microsoft 365, Azure and the Power Platform.  And the agenda for the session is shown below.

  • Welcome Note ( Olayinka Oke)
  • Finding a Successful Career Path in Microsoft 365 (Olajumoke Toriola)
  • Career Opportunities in Microsoft Azure (Adedoyin Antiabong)
  • Career Opportunities in Power Platform (David Abu)
  • Tech Deep Dive Cohort 1 Feedback (Foyin Olajide-Bello)
  • Testimonials from Tech Deep Dive Cohort 1
  • Introduction of Tech Deep Dive Cohort 2 – (Foyin Olajide-Bello)

About TechStylers ...

Yinka started the proceedings by welcoming attendees old and new and giving an introduction to TechStylers.

Founded in May 2020, TechStylers is a community comprised largely of women, focussed on supporting women in technology.  We do this by providing inspiration, support and mentoring.  This can be career coaching on a 1:1 basis, or in a group as part of Tech Deep Dives sessions.

We like to think we are heroes with a very special super power.  And that is the ability to use our technology skills to solve real-world problems!

Career paths ...

Our first speaker was the amazing Olajumoke Toriola, or ‘MJ’ as we affectionately know her.  MJ is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in the Microsoft 365 category.  So her session ‘Finding a Successful Career Path in Microsoft 365’ could not have been more expertly delivered!  Aside from her technical expertise, MJ has a really engaging manner, and I always thoroughly enjoy her sessions.  MJ’s content is always uplifting and she absolutely embodies the ‘inspirational’ ethos these sessions aim to deliver.  Additionally, MJ was a co-founder of TechStylers, alongside Foyin Olajide-Bello, and it was amazing to have them both on the line-up!

Our next speaker was going to be talking about career opportunities in the Azure track. Adedoyin Antiabong, who likes to be called Doyin, is Director of Business Growth for Azure Storage at Microsoft.

Our last speaker in the ‘career paths’ section of the session was David Abu.  David is a Cloud Advocate for Power BI at Microsoft.  David’s session was all about what career opportunities are open to people in Power Platform.

Changing lives ...

Our next section focussed on the Tech Deep Dive sessions, facilitated by our amazing tech mentors.  Foyin gave us an overview of how the first cohort had gone, and we then heard from some of our mentees.

Sarah Jameson who is based in Ireland, has benefited hugely from the tech mentoring.  Sarah accredits Foyin directly with her success in passing the AZ-900 exam!  AZ-900 is the ‘Azure Fundamentals’ exam.  It is the entry level certification for anyone hoping to work in Microsoft Azure.

Onape Otolorin who is based in the UK, attended our Data Analytics sessions and as a result has registered for the DA-100 exam! DA-100 is about ‘Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI’.  It is the entry level certification for people hoping to become Data Analysts.

Lavender Weche is a real Power Platform enthusiast.  And as a result of attending the Tech Deep Dives Lavender has recently passed the PL-100 exam!  The PL-100 is the ‘Power Platform App Maker’ exam.  It is the entry level certification for people wanting to create applications in the Power Platform.

Each of these remarkable young women has been able to improve their career prospects through the Tech Deep Dive sessions.  TechStylers really are changing the world, one phenomenal woman at a time!


Come and join us ...

Our TechStylers monthly inspirational sessions happen on the last Saturday of every month.  If you are interested in joining us, just look out for our posts on Social Media, or use one of the means below to get in touch.  Everyone is welcome!