South Coast Summit 2021 – Becoming a speaker

Speaker shirt and lanyard from South Coast Summit

One small step ...

16th October 2021 was a huge day for me.  It was the day of the South Coast Summit 2021 and I was speaking in person!

Ok, so I had presented a session at Scottish Summit 2021.  But that session had been pre-recorded and this was IN PERSON!  Although it seemed like such a small step, it was a giant leap for me.  And so the idea for my presentation was born …

The aim for my session was to encourage people to get involved in the D365 and Power Platform Community.  To do this, I was going to rely on storytelling.  I had 2 stories to tell, both about taking small steps into the unknown that could possibly lead to great things.

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A friendly bunch

I started working on my presentation several months before the event.  I wanted to make it memorable, and meaningful for any attendees.  I decided to use a story I thought would be familiar with everyone and another one that was more personal.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure how many people would come to listen to my session.  The line up for the summit was exceptional, there were some phenomenal speakers.  When it came to the session, I was stunned that the room was full, which was a little daunting.

But I needn’t have worried, because the community is so friendly and supportive.  I’m sure that even if I’d fluffed the whole thing, everyone would still have been just as enthusiastic.  And this was one of the points I had made during the session!

Luckily, it seemed to go ok, and I remembered almost everything I had wanted to say.  Some of the small steps I encouraged the attendees to take are;

  • attend events … such as South Coast Summit
  • look out for bootcamps and Power Up Saturdays
  • join D365/Power Platform user groups
  • apply for mentoring programs
  • take up community learning
  • try out group study
  • get social
All of these things are regularly mentioned on social media, LinkedIn and Twitter and on the Virtual Events Hub.
A picture of the Power Platform Community

A great big 'Thank You!'

As with any of our community events, South Coast Summit could not have happened without the generosity of our sponsors.  We really do owe them a massive debt of gratitude and sometimes ‘thank you’ really doesn’t seem enough.

An excerpt from the speakers slides, acknowledging the sponsors for the event is shown below.

Lastly, if you are interested to see how it all actually went … here is a video from the day!