Power Apps Portals Bootcamp 2021

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The Powerthon team

Power Apps Portals Bootcamp 2021 took place over 2 days on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September 2021.  The event was devised and organised by the Powerthon team.  The Powerthon team are the masterminds behind the Power Community schedule of events and website.  Well known in the Power Platform Community, they are Raz ‘Dynamics’ Choudry, Arpit Shrivastava and Victor Dantas.

Getting involved ...

A regular to the Power Community events, I had often thought about getting more involved.  It had often struck me how dedicated  the team were to give up such huge amounts of time.  Being online all day to monitor and support the sessions seemed a huge commitment to helping others.

I was really keen for this particular event and I was going to be attending all the sessions.  So it occurred to me that this might be a great opportunity to help out.  I reached out to the team via LinkedIn, offering to help out in any capacity.  And I was surprised and delighted when Raz took me up on my offer and allowed me to be part of the organising team! The Power Apps Portals Bootcamp 2021 would be the second online event I had helped to host.


Saturday sessions

  • Introduction to Power Apps Portals and How to Implement Reusable Editable Grid – Satya Kar
  • Portal Customisation Best Practices, Tips & Tricks – Manoj Mane
  • Authentication and Security for Power App Portals – Pranav Shroti
  • Create stylish Power Apps Portals without code – Ragavan Rajan
  • Portals, Unicorns and Rainbows – Victor Dantas
  • Extending Power Apps Portals with JavaScript/jQuery – Oliver Rodrigues
  • Demystifying Power Apps Portals Licencing – Nick Doelman
  • Power Apps Portals Roadmap & Customer Stories – Dileep Singh
  • Tips from Portals CAT @ Microsoft – Nikita Polyakov

Sunday sessions

  • Slick Attendee check-in with QR codes – Low Code Style! – Ulrikke Akerbaek
  • Portals Web API – Deep Dive – Oleksandr Olashyn
  • Power Apps Portal Time Machine: Lessons Learnt from 10 Real World Projects – Franco Musso
  • Useful Tools for Portal Developers – Shaminderpal Singh
  • Power Apps Portals ALM – Nick Hayduk
  • Advanced Liquid Templates in Power Apps Portals – Jim Novak
  • Portal Round Table Q&A – Arpit Shrivastava

My job

My job for the weekend was to make sure the speakers were online and set as presenters in Teams.  Then, once each session was completed I would need to thank the speaker and introduce the next.  This bit was actually much more of a challenge than it sounds.  It required me to have a little bit of knowledge or research around the subject area, so that I could personalise each introduction.  It also meant that we could have a little bit of relevant discussion if the session ended early.



As with many Power Platform and D365 community events, this one could not have happened without the support of the sponsors.  On this occasion the sponsors were

  • dox42
  • Solgari
  • Packt
  • dcg – Dynamics Consultants Group