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TechStylers … March 2021

Welcome On Saturday 27th March we held our TechStylers March 2021  Inspirational Meetup. This month I had been selected to co-host the session with Olayinka Oke.  As hosts, Yinka and I were tasked to find speakers and set the agenda for the event.  This was quite a challenge, as we have had some absolutely awesome […]

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TechStylers … January 2021

On Saturday 30th January we held our first TechStylers inspirational meetup of the year.  The subject for this session would be ‘passing the baton’ and our speakers would be sharing their experiences of this with the group. Our first speaker was Haimantika Mitra, a Microsoft Student Ambassador from Siliguri in West Bengal.  Haimantika shared her

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TechStylers … October 2020

Journey to the Power Platform Our October inspirational meetup was a little bit special.  On Saturday 31st October, our guest was the one and only Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President the Low Code Application Platform at Microsoft. Charles shared the story of his journey to Power Platform with the group, starting with studying aerospace engineering

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TechStylers … August 2020

In August 2020, I was lucky to be invited to participate in the TechStylers meetup, with a short session on my career journey through Tech. My session ‘One Journey … Many Paths’ was aimed at assuring women who have many conflicting pressures to manage, to have faith in themselves, to be brave and remember that

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TechStylers … July 2020

The TechStylers July meetup started with Foyin introducing the group, and reminding us all of it’s purpose to help support each other and particularly new women entering tech. The first speaker was Nlia Amara who began her journey into tech as a graduate intern in SharePoint and Power Apps. Amara quickly learned how to build

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TechStylers … June 2020

The June meetup started with a welcome note from Foyin, who presented our agenda for the evening, along with highlights of the May meetup. It was great to hear that at least 2 of the attendees, Foyin and Nandini Sharma had been inspired by Elaiza to start blogging as a result of her presentation in

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TechStylers … May 2020

TechStylers is a community group created by Microsoft MVP Foyin Olijide-Bello. It is focussed on supporting women to succeed in the tech space, and holds meetups once a month, to provide a platform for established Women in Tech (WIT) to empower and mentor upcoming WIT. The inaugural TechStylers meetup was in May 2020 and featured

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