Radical Candor … by Kim Scott

Radical Candor was a suggested reading from Mark Smiths 90 Day Mentoring Challenge.  During the challenge we covered the main element of the book which is the difference between behaviours that the author refers to as;

  • radical candor
  • ruinous empathy
  • manipulative insincerity
  • obnoxious aggression

The idea is that these behaviours can be plotted on an X and Y axis, along with the actions of care personally, challenge directly, be indifferent, remain silent.

I quite liked the concept while it was presented during our 90 Day Challenge and it really made sense, so I was keen to read more and get further insights.

I was aware that the book was a bestseller, and that there is a website and self-improvement industry grown up around the idea.  I assumed the book would be packed with other new and interesting concepts.

However this book was not for me, I didn’t enjoy reading it at all.  Maybe I was having a bad couple of weeks, but I didn’t find the content or the style particularly interesting and I had to force myself to finish it. 

I’m prepared to concede I must be missing something if so many people rate it, so if I run out of other books to read, I might give it another go.

Deckchair Reads 3/10