Power Pages Bootcamp 2022

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Power Community does it again!

Power Pages Bootcamp 2022 was held on the 1st and 2nd September 2022.  The first day was designed around a ‘Power Pages Fundamentals’ track for those new to the product.  The second provided deep dive sessions for those looking for more advanced content.  

As well as the 2 day virtual ‘bootcamp’ style event, there was also an in person Power Pages hackathon.  The hackathon was to take place in Madrid at the Bizz Summit 2022.

The event was organised by the Power Community team, well known for hosting regular D365 and Power Platform events.  Each of the organising committee is a very well respected member of the community and an expert in their own right.  On this occasion they had kindly invited me to join them, and I would be helping to moderate as well as delivering the first session.

Image of Session Slide entitled Getting Started with Power Pages and Customer Case Study

Getting started ...

My session was the first of the bootcamp and was aimed at those who’d had little exposure to Power Pages.  Beginning with the use cases for Power Pages, I had some help from my special portals buddy, Franco Musso.  Franco is an absolute wizard with Pages and it was great to have him co-pilot the session!

After setting the scene, we gave a quick demo of how anyone new to Pages can get started with a trial.  And Franco then went on to talk about how the product can be extended, laying the foundation for sessions to come.

And breathe ...

Session completed, it was time to sit back and enjoy the rest of the bootcamp! Well … almost, there was the little matter of moderating the sessions to consider!

To be honest, moderating an event like Power Pages Bootcamp is just about the most fun I could have.  Not only did I have an excuse to shut myself away and listen to hours and hours of amazing content, I also got to chat to the presenters.  One of my favourite things about taking part in community events is all the wonderful people I get to meet.  And this event was no exception!

It’s really difficult to pick my favourite from so many amazing sessions.  But of course my personal Pages heroes Victor Dantas and Arpit Shrivastava are always at the top.  Victors sessions on Liquid never disappoint, and Arpits session on extending Power Apps Portals was ace.  During this session, Arpit actually described how to solve a problem I was having with a real world portal.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

I can seriously recommend joining in these community events.  There are several coming up soon and some are likely to be in person.  I think it’s about time to get my passport renewed!