Portals Zero to Hero 1

Power Apps Portals Zero to Hero

Power Apps Portals Zero To Hero 1 is an initiative by Victor Dantas, designed to help people learn about Power Apps Portals.  Victor is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and an expert in the area of Power Apps Portals.  Victors aim is to share his knowledge with the Power Apps  Community.  Because of this, one of Victor’s favourite phrases, which comes from an Old Testament proverb, is ‘Iron sharpens iron’ (Proverbs 27:17).

From zero ...

I had attended a very successful D365 Saturday Community event on Portals in September 2020.  While there were some awesome speakers, many of the sessions were too advanced for those just starting on their portals journey.  But the great thing about Zero to Hero was that literally anyone could join in!

The sessions would be run weekly at 7pm BST on a Thursday, with the first session on 14th January 2021. The series would start with an introduction to portals, for those with no knowledge of portals at all.  The series of sessions would continue until attendees had a really good working knowledge of Portals.

Victor Dantas

To hero ...

Sessions were recorded, and Victor uploaded them onto his YouTube channel.  This was great, as it meant that we could follow along with them in our own time as well as during the sessions.

By following each of the sessions, I was able to massively increase my knowledge and awareness of the capabilities of Power Apps Portals.  Also, spurred on by the confidence I gained by attending the Portals Zero to Hero, I registered to help with the Portals track at Scottish Summit.  While volunteering at that event, I learned a whole bunch more, from some amazing speakers, including Victor himself!

Next steps ...

The next steps for me will be to continue to practice the skills Victor shared with us during Portals Zero to Hero 1.  Although I still have a long way to go, I’m really excited to carry on learning.  And I hugely appreciate the opportunity Victor has given us to get to grips with portals.  I hope one day to become a Power Community Ambassador like Victor, and start paying it forward myself.

Look out world!