Linchpin … by Seth Godin

I will start by admitting that I am a huge fan of Seth Godin, having come across one of his five TED Talks a couple of years ago, and having watched very many his online interviews, listened to his podcasts and read his blogs on a regular basis since that time.   Seth seems to me to combine just the right amount of logic, emotion and data in his speaking engagements to both captivate and inspire an audience. In Seth’s own words, for over 30 years he has been “trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up”.  He is a master in the art of storytelling, so I was quite excited to begin ‘Linchpin: Are You Indespensible?’ which is the first of Seth’s 20 worldwide bestsellers I had read.

I really like the idea of starting the book with the question ‘are you indispensible’ which immediately draws the reader in.  Of course this is something that many of us ask ourselves at different times in our lives, and right from the outset, the title suggests that we might find the answer that will allow us to address to that question somewhere in the pages of this book.  As an expert in the world of Marketing, I would expect nothing less of Seth Godin, an artisan at the craft of establishing human connection.

And this in essence is what the book is about.  Seth encourages us to have the confidence to overcome our fears, follow our own course, and do ‘the work’ that will propel us toward a ‘remarkable future’ and allow each of us to achieve our full potential.

Linchpin is written in such a way that the reader could take in and process each of the countless, thought provoking ideas separately and it would all still knit together to make perfect sense.  Incredibly, while there are so many remarkable concepts in this book, they are described in such easy to read, interesting and engaging ways that once I had started reading I literally could not put this book down until I had finished it.  

This book has become one of my firm favourites, I am sure to read it on a regular basis, and I would recommend anyone to do the same.

Linchpin, Are you Indespensible
Deckchair Reads 9/10