Atomic Habits … by James Clear

This book was a recommendation from my friend, the lovely Alison Mulligan, and trusting her judgement I was super keen to read it!

I wasn’t disappointed, Atomic Habits is a great book, full of practical advice on how to make and break habits by making small incremental changes.  On his website, the author James Clear says that the book will teach you how to improve your habits by 1% every day and links out to his YouTube video that explains how.

The book will teach the reader to improve in the following areas;

  • building a system for small incremental improvements
  • making time for better habits
  • designing your environment to succeed
  • making tiny changes that deliver amazing results
  • creating good habits and ditching the bad ones
  • avoiding common mistakes made when changing habits
  • how to get back on course if you wander off it
  • developing self-belief and sense of identity
  • overcoming lack of willpower and motivation
  • putting all those ideas into practice
As you can see, there is a huge amount to this book, and I will admit it took me a long time to work through it.  I found the volume of content quite challenging at times, and it was definitely one of those books I had to read over a number of weeks rather than days.  I did find myself becoming almost impatient to get to the end, so that I knew all of the secrets, and could make a start on putting them into practice.
The great thing about this book, is that the advice it gives can be applied to so many areas of your life.  Since reading it, I have made significant changes to some areas of my own life by taking small steps, and have also shared some of the lessons it contains with others during D365 and Power Platform Community events.
Its definitely a book I would recommend to others, and is likely to be one I read on a regular basis, to keep myself on track.
Atomic Habits, Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results
Deckchair Reads 8/10